Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gluten Free Zuchini Bread

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I love this time of year, the weather starts to cool and garden harvests are abundant. When I was out for a run I picked up a zucchini from a neighbor who had a sign up next to a chair piled with zucchini that said "FREE" and it was a good thing I was pushing the jogging stroller so I didn't have to lug it all the way back under my arm. I couldn't wait to get home and mix up some bread. I think you will enjoy it too!

Zucchini Bread

Cook Time: 50-60 min.
Bake: 350 degrees F
Makes: 2 Loaves

Wet Ingredients Bowl:
3 C Shredded Zucchini (keep the peel on but it its a large zucchini you may want to scoop out the seeds in the center)
1 2/3 C Sugar
2/3 C Oil
2t Vanilla
4 Eggs (crack into separate small bowl so you catch any egg shells before you mix with other ingredients)
1/4 Applesauce


Dry Ingredients Bowl:
1 1/2 C GF Flour
1 C Brown Rice Flour
1/2 C Cornstarch
2t Baking Soda
1/2 t Baking Powder
1t Xanthan Gum
1t Salt
1t Cinnamon
1/2t Cloves


Slowly stir dry ingredients into wet. Grease loaf pans with cooking spray and divide mixture evenly. Cook on center rack. 50-60 mins. or till a knife can be removed cleanly from center of loaf.

Remove from oven. Use knife around edges and turn onto cooling racks. Once cool enough to handle store in gallon size Ziploc bags. Keeps well out on counter top for a few days. Don't refridgerate. It will cause the bread to dry out. If necessary, store bread longer by slicing and covering with plastic wrap before placing in Ziploc bag and then into the freezer.


Chocolate Chips:
Add 1 Cup chocolate chips into batter for some added sweetness! I prefer semi sweet because they stand out more. Milk chocolate can sometimes be too bland to make an impression.

Cream Cheese Spread:
My favorite way to eat zucchini bread is to whip 1 bar of cream cheese with 1/4 C soft butter and a few tablespoons of powdered sugar. It makes a delicious spread to compliment the sweet cinnamon flavor of the bread. Enjoy!!

GF Flour Mixture:
6 C Rice Flour
1 C Tapioca Starch
2 C Potato Starch

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