Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gluten Free Flour Tortillas by French Meadow Bakery

I just tried out French Meadow's Gluten Free Tortillas and they were soft, elastic and not gritty as compared to traditional corn tortillas. They don't have the fullness of flavor as do regular fresh flour tortillas from my local Mexican restaurant but they are a great alternative for people who don't like the taste and texture of corn tortillas.

To prepare wet a paper towel and ring out moisture so it is only slightly damp. Wrap tortillas in paper towel, put on glass plate and cover with an up-side-down glass plate. Place in the microwave on High for 30 secs or until tortillas are good and steamed. I would suggest doing this even if you will be cooking them in an enchiladas casserole so that they wrap nicely and don't crack or crumble.

Their products are no longer available on their website, only in stores. They do have a store locator so visit: http://www.frenchmeadow.com/ for more information.