Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Have New Favorite Pizza

Gluten Free and Fabulous
Pesto Margherita Pizza

I tried out this pizza for the first time tonight and it was soooo good I had to blog about it right away. The crust was crispy and chewy and the flavors were big and delicious.  I especially loved the pesto sauce instead of traditional ragu. This is a great way to go for a ready made pizza that you are sure to enjoy.


  1. Hi! If this is the correct blog (which I think it is based on your SLC Expo posts) I ran into your parents at Good Earth in Orem a month or too ago. My husband has a gluten allergy and I am venturing into gluten=free baking and your parents referred me to you for the flour mixtures and where to buy them in bulk. Sorry to post such a long comment but was wondering if you could email me (or do a post) on where you find it most cost effective to buy the different flours that you use for your mixes. Unfortunately I bought a bunch of different flours today for some of my first baking trials before I thought to contact you. Any info you could offer this rookie would be much appreciated! Thanks so much for the great site too....such a great resource!

  2. Ok, my email would probably help. Thanks!